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In view right away

Autotrak provides you with a real-time / direct view into working-hours and visiting addresses. But also covered distances, driving- hours and driven speed are visualized. The system is working together with Vodafone to have an European coverage at standard cost so you can always see where in Europe your vehicles are situated. Besides, it is possible to make a distinction between private kilometres and kilometres driven for business purposes.

Clear reports

Because of the reports, handwritten registration of hours and kilometers has become superfluous. Your administration will become less complicated and more efficient. Moreover, you will get supervision over your car-park and/or employees by means of exact reports, which you can evaluate in an easy way. All data will be stored safely and externally for 5 years in a reliable manner in a N+1 storage-facility.

Result-directed working

You can direct your employees quickly and efficiently, which will increase the productivity. Because of the immediate availability of the information, you can use your vehicles more flexibly.

This means that you can work in an expense-saving way.

Always and everywhere

With Autotrak you will always and everywhere have access to your information and reports: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can log in with your desk-top, lap-top, tablet, or smart-phone. With Autotrak you can check your car-park and / or employees, wherever and whenever you want.